My art-related list of thankfulness for 2018

Kevin Grass starting a new painting commission.

I am just starting a new painting commission right before Thanksgiving.

In no particular order, I would like to thank the following:

  • The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum staff, who so graciously hosted my Not #MeToo: No More Casting Couch painting during the 19-day long ArtPrize competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Joni Vander Till, a volunteer at the Ford Museum, who loaned out the lower story of her condominium, so my wife Michaela and I could stay near Grand Rapids during the ArtPrize competition. She not only provided a place for us to lay our heads, but invaluable advice on how to compete in this unique event.
  • My wife Michaela, who spent a month in Grand Rapids, talking to literally thousands of people about my painting during ArtPrize. She also helps with my social media, email blasts, and blog posts, so I have some time to actually paint when I’m not teaching.
  • The models for my paintings, but especially Madeline Axlund, Alexandra Annas, and Chris North, who modeled for my Not #MeToo: No More Casting Couch painting. Alexandra even flew to Grand Rapids for one day from Florida, just so she could vote for "her" painting in the ArtPrize competition! The young aspiring ballerinas who got to meet her thought she was a rock star!

Alexandra Annas posing with an aspiring ballerina during ArtPrize in Grand Rapids

Alexandra Annas, one of my painting models, visits with an aspiring ballerina in Grand Rapids during ArtPrize. 

  • My friend Ken Hershenson from Detroit, who not only met me and drove me 1 ½ hours to my art opening in Findlay, Ohio, but who also visited me in Grand Rapids during ArtPrize and helped organize a group exhibition in Detroit for us next spring. I wish Ken lived closer, so we could talk shop all the time!
  • Dr. Jonathan Steele, my supervisor at St. Petersburg College, who kindly worked with my strange schedule, when I flew back and forth to Grand Rapids on weekends during the ArtPrize competition. I really appreciate his support and that he visited my artist talk with his wife.
  • The staff of the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, who exhibited my Not #MeToo: No More Casting Couch painting for a month before I drove it to Michigan. They organized a wonderful artist talk for me that had excellent turnout and was such an honor. They’re still showing three of my paintings in the faculty show through December 30th.
  • Christopher Hubbard and the folks at Creative Pinellas, who saw fit to award me an artist grant to help defray the costs of participating in ArtPrize this year.
  • The artists and facilitators on the Art Storefronts closed Facebook group have been invaluable in giving advice and feedback on my website when I ran into a snag. Thanks for all your help!
  • The artists and volunteers I met in person and via the ArtPrize Facebook group who have helped me appreciate all the work that everyone was doing to make the ArtPrize event a success. Showing more than 1260 artworks in 165 venues is an amazing challenge.

Florida artist Kevin Grass with his large "Not #MeToo: No More Casting Couch" painting in the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum during ArtPrize 2018.

Above, I have just installed my Not #MeToo: No More Casting Couch painting in the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum for ArtPrize 2018.

  • The members of the print and online media who gave press to my artworks this past year have been great!
  • My art fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Your feedback, suggestions for painting titles, and general presence helps me feel that my art matters to some people.
  • Paul Calendrillo, the gallerist who organized a solo painting exhibition in Findlay, Ohio, for me and who believes in my paintings enough to organize a show in his gallery in Chelsea in New York City in March 2019. I am so glad you’re in my corner!

Artist Kevin Grass and gallerist Paul Calendrillo flank Kevin's "Primates" painting

Here I am with Paul Calendrillo and my Primates painting during my show at the Marathon Center for the Arts in Findlay, Ohio. 

  • The staff members of Ethos Contemporary Gallery in Newport Beach, California, and the Englishman Fine Art gallery in Naples, Florida, for showing my paintings.
  • My customers who purchased prints from me this past year. Without your support, I would probably quit painting. It is easy to pay someone a compliment, but people who put real money to show support speak so much louder in the end.
  • My new art patron from Tampa, who not only purchased an original painting from me, but who also tried to help me sell my big painting to his corporate headquarters. I thank you so much for all your hard work on my behalf and feel honored that you want my artwork to grace the walls of your home!

Those are all the art-related things for which I am grateful in 2018 that I can think of right now. I hope you and your loved ones have a blessed Thanksgiving and a stress-free holiday season.

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